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Tamara Rushlow Designs

Industrial Designer Tamara Rushlow develops her work through intensive technical investigations that are reflected in the final form and aesthetic.  Her designs are often bold at first sight yet intricate upon closer study and often with an interest in user interaction and discovery.

Tamara divides her time between designing objects, interiors, and film and video through her production design company Pink Calculator.

She holds a Masters in Industrial Design from Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia, and studied furniture design at Sheridan College in Toronto.  She is based in Toronto.

The Ply Lamp is a further exploration of Tamara’s Ply series of vases.  Made from a series of interlocking, fanning and mirroring silhouettes, the base creates an organic shape reminiscent of Scandinavian modernism.  The raw ply edge and the glossy sheen of laminate on each plane seduce the eye and outline the curves of the base.  The bold simplicity of the shade is an eye-catching contrast to the fluidity below.


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