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Zoe Mowat Design

Zoë is a young designer who lives in Montreal, Canada, where she rides her bicycle, enjoys coffee and croissant and practices her French.  Simply, Zoë loves to build things.  Through the articulation and exploration of form, colour and material, Zoë strives to create “special” objects that create a connection with the user and leave them challenged, comforted and inspired by for years to come.

(Materials: walnut, plastic, steel)

Circumflex is Zoë’s own interpretation of the “accent chair.”  Similar to a circumflex used in punctuation, the chair represents a lively change in tone. Circumflex makes a statement with its dynamic yet refined form, unique proportions and unusual combination of materials.  This prototype is the first member of a series of chairs, bar stools and benches with similar playful proportions. Circumflex can be produced in a multitude of lively colors and wood finishes which can easily adapt to any space or context.


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