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Brent Cordner and David Kral are partners in the new design company, Luflic. Luflic is the Old English word for 'lovely.'  It is pronounced 'loo-flick'.  It was originally used to describe a desirable or attractive person.  Over time it also came to describe material objects, which suggests some similarity in our feelings of attachment for both people and things.  Brent teaches architecture and design at the University of Toronto and at the Ontario College of Art & Design.  Dave has ten years of experience in the plastics and automotive sectors in the province of Ontario.

(Materials: CNC bent steel tube, foam rubber and felted wool)

This chair was named after the technique of knitting sleeves or socks "In the Round."  In order to upholster a chair completely with only one knit sleeve, the tubular steel frame had to be formed in one continuous line that closes in a loop.  Careful attention was paid to the seat so that enough surface area would ensure comfort.  Over fifty feet, or fifteen meters of wool sleeve is required since the felting process causes substantial shrinkage.  The stripes vary from one textile to the next, making each chair unique.


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