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Jennifer Graham Ceramics

Jennifer Graham is a ceramic designer/maker whose work is delicate and bold, functional and decorative.  Her ceramics are inspired by traditional textiles and by the vessel as object. Her work unites textured fabrics and porcelain objects.  She uses actual textile elements of pattern, stitching and texture to emboss her studio made contemporary porcelain pieces.  These methods evoke a textile quality on each porcelain piece.  The delicate construction and raw edges echo the qualities of fabrics. Her hand built forms result in an organic sense of rhythm.  Her muted palette and rich textures create clean lined contemporary works.

Jennifer graduated from Sheridan College Craft and Design Program where she received the William and Mary Corcoran Craft Award.

I.D., Azure, Canadian Interiors, Style at Home, Canadian House and Home and The Globe and Mail have featured Jennifer's ceramics.  She has exhibited in Toronto, New York City and London.  Her work is represented at a number of galleries and design stores across Canada.

The Gravity bowl is delicate vessel, hand formed and fabric embossed.  It presents a striking contrast of raw lip and sleek satin finish.


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